Farm to Code Workshop

We are teaming up with Waxhaw Kid Coders to showcase the immersion of technology and agriculture to children using computer science concepts and coding! During our hands on workshops, students will be introduced to vocabulary that is used universally and shows the crossover between disciplines. We will use a combination of the platforms and arduino to showcase the functionality of coding and the ease at which students can learn the concept.

Our Goal

Teach and implement the use of an algorithm and a program using planting a seed, students will be planting seeds and bring home their plant!

Talk about the importance of knowing healthy eating and knowing where you food comes from.

See how the process of planting a seed also applies to creating code for a program.

Using arduino and coding to send you an email notification when your plant needs watering! We will use a combination of hardware and software to create this interactive Maker Space!

EXPOSURE to coding and how it can crossover.

Full Day Workshop (9 am -3 pm)

Cost $79 – pizza lunch and plant is all included!