Technology Training for Seniors

Tech Connect Package for Seniors

Want to know more about how to use your phone, tablet, or computer?

The Tech Connect Package is a tech training service that is offered to senior living community residents and industry professionals. It is an opportunity to attend an Instructor-Led group training session and personalized 1-on-1 tech training to cover topics of their choice.

What can be covered in these sessions?

Anything from software questions (basic computer skills, Internet browsing, Facebook, Word, Google, Pinterest, personal website) to mobile devices (iPads, tablets, smart phones) are fair game for discussion. This is the chance to receive personal training (at the individuals learning pace) to get better acquainted with technology.

Full Day Tech Connect Package

Starting at $1200/day with 6-12 attendees

6 hours of hands on tech training support which includes –

  • 60 minute group session
  • Personalized one on one 45 minute training sessions

Tech Connect Mini Group Sessions

Starting at $49 per attendee with an 8 person minimum (20 person maximum)

2 hours of hands on tech training support which includes:

  • 60 minute group session
  • 60 minutes of break outs and Q&A

Individual Tech Therapy Sessions

90 minute personalized tech training session (Sessions can be divided into six 45 minute sessions)

Starting at $150 per session with a 3 Session minimum required


We have partnered with Clawfoot Digital (Catilin Sellers Agency) to bring you these technology training classes

Please email or call 704.301.9397 to see if these classes are a good fit for you